The ABSOLUTE TRUTH about accelerating WEALTH through Forex 
Everything you need to know in order to start taking control of your financial future
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Video #1: How to REALLY create wealth trading...
Video #2: You CANNOT trade without this...
Video #3: The tools you need for success...
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What you will learn
Knowing Your Numbers
One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to trading is how much capital you need to trade and how to actually generate enough profit to make a living. In this lesson you will learn the following:
  •  Wealth: Gain an insight into what true      wealth is and how it is measured
  •  What the rich know: Learn the true secrets of wealth formula that will change everything
  • Your wealth: Calculate your own wealth figure and know what your target is
  •  Mindshift: You will reset your way of thinking and open up to new possibilities
  •  Goals: The importance of your "why"
Mindset & Preperation
90% of successful trading is down to psychology. There are as few personality traits and mindsets that all successful traders have in common. 
In this lesson you will learn the following principles:
  •  Truth: What all successful traders have in common
  • Qualities: Find out what qualities compliment success in trading
  •  The Key Three: Learn the top three most important personality traits
  •  Get rich quick: How to adopt the right mindset from day one
  •  The Technicals: Learn the key ingredients for professional trading
The Tools You Need
Knowledge is NOT power unless you act on what you know, but you need the right tools. You don't need to know everything about everything. You need the right tools that will move you from A to B as efficiently as possible.
  •  What the pros use: Learn what tools the professional traders use daily
  •  Trader Network: See what the real trade floor looks like at Tier One
  •  Trading Business: How to treat your trading like a business
  •  Accountability: How professional traders use accountability to stay focused
  •  Live trading environment: See what a live room environment looks like
The Mindset for Professional Trading
  • Benefit: Build a trading system to suit YOUR personality
  • Feature: An entire course on the foundations
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The Tools for Professional Trading
  • Benefit: Our products are delivered immediately
  • Feature: Explain the benefit of your products
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Where should we send the videos?